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What is Working Capital?

Working capital is an important source by which the company can get the financial report by subtracting the current liabilities from current assets. It is ….

What is liability?

Liability is a financial obligation that is needed to pay against acquired assets for the company’s wealth. In other words, we can say that liability ….

What is an asset?

An asset is something that is used in the business for the continuity of getting revenue by transferring into customers or clients in exchange for ….

Depreciating Assets

Depreciating assets are those business assets that a business can have for a longer period of time to bear future business expenses. These assets are ….

Contribution Margin Ratio

The contribution margin ratio is the ratio that we get after subtracting the variable cost and the percentage of the selling price. The contribution margin ….

Best Accounting Research Tools

Accounting research tools is a method of searching results related to accounting standards or we can say that it is a platform of finding accounting ….

What are financial statements?

Financial statements involve the business activities and those activities make three statements – income statements which include expenses and revenue, cash flow statements which include ….

What is a Debtor?

A debtor is a member of financial accounting that continues the flow of transaction of account payable. He/She runs the turnover of the company’s liabilities ….

What Is a Creditor?

Under accounting terms, Creditors are a source of getting a loan in many ways such as in the form of money, credit card, goods or ….

Who is an auditor?

An auditor is a person who is appointed for another firm especially for analyzing the financial statements of the firm according to the rules of ….