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Contribution Margin Ratio

The contribution margin ratio is the ratio that we get after subtracting the variable cost and the percentage of the selling price. The contribution margin ….

Depreciating Assets

Depreciating assets are those business assets that a business can have for a longer period of time to bear future business expenses. These assets are ….

What is an asset?

An asset is something that is used in the business for the continuity of getting revenue by transferring into customers or clients in exchange for ….

What is liability?

Liability is a financial obligation that is needed to pay against acquired assets for the company’s wealth. In other words, we can say that liability ….

What is Working Capital?

Working capital is an important source by which the company can get the financial report by subtracting the current liabilities from current assets. It is ….

What is a mortgage calculator?

Before proceeding further first we will take a look at mortgage loans, mortgage loans are considered as a secured loan that is provided by the ….

Gross Income vs Net Income

If you are an entrepreneur and an employee in the company, then you need to understand a lot of business terms and figures like gross ….

Financial Statement Assertions

Financial Statement Assertions its name itself tell the complete story of what it meant.  Monetary of cash in the reports and confidential documents of the ….

Top 7 Tips For Better Cash Flow Management

Every entrepreneur needs to deliberate about their cash flow management system before establishing a business or streaming a business because cash is a foundation of ….

What is Accounting Information System?

Accounting Information System (AIS) is an assemblage of activities prepared in a business organization done by business staff for inspection of the business each department ….

What is Forensic Accounting?

Forensic Accounting is an art of investigation over accounting records, books, financial statements, and all financial-related records and documentation. The result of forensic accounting is ….

Debt vs Liabilities

Are you searching for a Debt vs Liabilities, and want to know about debt and liabilities then you are at the best place here we ….