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How to become a wedding planner

Wedding planner job and Wedding planner business, both are entertaining professions if you are dreaming to start your career in this creative industry. But to ….

How do insurance companies make money

‘Safety and Security’ comes with insurance companies because insurance companies perform as an ‘insurer’ and clients perform as an ‘insured’. There are many insurance companies ….

Customer Engagement Strategies

Whether the business is running or whether the business is new, customer attention is the main and initial goal after establishing a business. And based ….

Marketing strategy vs Marketing plan

Strategy and plan are both different definitions from each other in the world of marketing but when marketing is combined with the words ‘strategy’ and ….

What is Call money

The money used to accomplish short-term needs is known as call money for a short time, the time given for paying back call money is ….

Types of home loans

The world of finance is huge and in this world, there are multiple options to choose a types of home loans and also multiple financial ….

What is ATM Skimming

ATM skimming is theft of debit or credit card money through skimmer techniques that have commonly happened by scanning debit or credit card PINs . ….

How to become a mortgage loan officer

We also call mortgage loan officers mortgage loan originators, both define the same position and identity in the loan financing field. By the way, first, ….

What is Cyclical Unemployment?

Cyclical Unemployment defines the condition of the company’s decreasing employment force due to recession and lack of consumer’s demand for goods or services. The reason ….

What is stratified random sampling?

Stratified random sampling refers to making a layer or classes while classifying the population units into subgroups based on their similar characteristics. This process is ….

Why Brand Identity Matters?

Every second and minute there are thousands of promotional posts being done on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media websites. These posts are ….

What is Grant Writing?

Grant writing explains and implies the proposals on behalf of a company or organization to the government or non-government funding organizations to apply for the ….