How to Set up an Online Ordering System for a Restaurant?

How to Set up an Online Ordering System for a Restaurant?

Earlier there was a time when we used to go to the restaurant with family or friends and that day was Sunday when we used to go more, but in today’s time, no one wants to go out because everyone has become very busy in their professional life. In today’s article, we explore some techniques through which you can also look at our online ordering system for a restaurant business.  

If you are the owner of a restaurant and want to grow your restaurant as much as possible, you must first spread your restaurant online by creating your website. If you want to know how to set up an online ordering system for a restaurant so you have to follow and read this blog.

What is an online ordering system for a restaurant?

This is the facility where you can place an order by paying online through a website, different online ordering software, or apps. This is the easiest way for the restaurants to make more money and expand restaurants without any special face-to-face service to the customers. Whenever a customer places an order, then the restaurant will get a notification, and also the customer will get a notification that the food has started. 

How will customers take their online orders?

Once the order is placed, you have two options to reach the customer order place or you can ask them whether they will come to receive orders themselves or want home delivery.

Home delivery

You have an option of home delivery to reach the customer order to his or her place. You can access their order through the information given by the customer at the time of placing the order such as contact number, delivery of place. If you don’t know about the delivery place you can also use google maps. If you order the customer on time, then the customer will give good reviews about your fast delivery or food taste, it will increase your customers.


If the customer chooses to pick up to get an order so you have to keep the order ready on time so that the customer doesn’t have to wait. This will increase the goodwill of your restaurant.

Ways to set up an restaurant ordering system

Let’s start with how to set up an online ordering system. If you don’t want to know about this so you have to follow these ways:

Website Creation

This is the easiest and fastest way to set up an online ordering system for a restaurant. To set up an online ordering system, you have to create a website on social media platforms or other platforms by providing some information like your address, contact number, food items, and provide facilities such as home delivery or contact online also on the web.

 If your site is WordPress, so you have to look into plugins to update and also update the ordering facilities that you are providing.

If you have your website and don’t connect with third parties such as web builders or different online ordering software or apps so you don’t need to distribute your profit. 

If you are using and interested in an online order facility for your customer so you have to check your web host because the web host updated your site with your order facilities. You can also look into drawbacks and make sure you will be aware of this and manage such things as customer’s information, their orders, getting payments at the time of getting orders, reach orders to the customers on time and maintaining or collecting orders, etc.


After creating website, you will need to add some relevant and informative content on the website related to your business niche and its services so that people can easily understand your services that you will provide. Through articles, people can know your business status and value in the food industry.

Promotion through social media sites

After blogging, you will need to promote your article on social platforms where visitors are always active for searching something new such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

14 Different Online Ordering Software 

There is 14 online ordering software for restaurants like DoorDash, GloriaFood, ChowNow, Clorder, Placebag,, Ecwid, MenuDrive, Comeneat, Upserve, RestroApp, Restolabs, iMenu360, These online ordering systems expand your restaurant if you are connected with this online restaurant ordering app because customers don’t choose a specific restaurant and place their order on an online ordering software app. After taking the order, their backup team places the order directly to the kitchen team of the restaurant. At the time of taking the order, they asked for some information from the customer such as contact number, place of delivery, etc. and the customer makes payment online through Paytm or credit card.

These software helps you to increase your ratings and get more orders but if you connected with them so you have to distribute all the profits among these third-party apps. This procedure is the very simple and very easy and easiest and quickest way to popularize your restaurant. This has also a drawback because it is very costly if you want to be part of this.

If you are using third-party software so you have to look into POS because these third parties talk to the customers and enter the information into your POS. You don’t need to enter the information into your POS. There are some integration apps checkmate, cake, Revel, and toast which act as a middleman between your third-party apps and your POS.

 Once the customer places the order, the Integration app automatically saves the information of the customer into POS. You will also charge fees for this separately for third party apps and keep in mind this is a very expensive and online ordering system but this is the free mind because in case you are so busy in your schedule and you don’t have time to save customer information so POS will do it easily. 

How to do Flexible an online ordering system?

To set up an online ordering system, you have to keep in mind some things that we are going to discuss below:

Secure payments

You have to receive payments and proper maintenance of records of customers into POS. You provide more options of payment to the customer like PayPal, Apple pay, Paytm, google play, etc but most people choose credit cards to make payments. Rather you also provide cash on delivery payment but it is not safe because of contactless.

Easy to use

If you want to bring more and more customers to your website, then you have to keep your online ordering system procedure easy because third parties have a simple and secure procedure for customers so if you don’t want to connect with third parties so you also have to create your online procedure not so hard so that more customers follow their orders without any facing circumstances.

Contactless delivery

In this, you have to make sure whenever you place an order to customer place so you have to give a message or call them because this is a signal for them that your order has arrived. This is the door-to-door service. This delivery option is available for hygienic people who are most conscious about their health.

Delivery fee

If you provide a facility of free delivery so the customers are more fascinated by this and give you tips and you can get more orders in future.

Communication with customers

Customers can place an order through phone, text, on websites, or even third parties apps (if you are connected with them). Sometimes, customers choose pickup instead of home delivery so you have to stay connected to them until their orders reach them.

Proper menu schedule

Make sure your menu should properly analyze and summarise. All the items you have inserted in the menu should be available, this makes the customer attractive and impressed with your service. Make sure there should also be a label in your menu card, in which vegetarian and nonvegetarian food have different representatives so that customers easily choose and an online ordering on the website. In simple words, you have to make a proper and easily readable ingredient label.

Dishes Photos

Photos increase the quality of your dishes so that the customer is very excited to place an order. It is a very good and attractive strategy if your dishes are photogenic. Make sure your photos must have clear visibility.

We all know that the corona time is going on but still people want their food to taste full. Whatever happens in the world, but food should be assured to everyone. People have also placed a lot of online orders in lockdown. So If you want to grow and explore your restaurant all over the area so you have to set up an online ordering system because it is a very easy and valuable idea.

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