What is a Debtor?

A debtor is a member of financial accounting that continues the flow of transaction of account payable. He/She runs the turnover of the company’s liabilities ….

What Is a Creditor?

Under accounting terms, Creditors are a source of getting a loan in many ways such as in the form of money, credit card, goods or ….

Who is an auditor?

An auditor is a person who is appointed for another firm especially for analyzing the financial statements of the firm according to the rules of ….

What is budgeting?

Budgeting is a method to build a financial plan based on existing capital created by the finance department of an organization. If we will see, ….

What Are Bankruptcy and Its Types?

Bankruptcy is a method that is designed to give some financial relief to individuals, business owners, and organizations. In this method, we reduce the burden ….

Pros And Cons of Home-Based Business

Nowadays the trend has occurred toward the home-based business. In this pandemic time, it is safer also and secured also. Home-based business seeking the attention ….

What Is Deflation?

Deflation is that when customers start using their powers to purchase more goods and services. This happens when the prices go lesser and demand goes ….

What Is a Public Cloud?

Public cloud is a new way of using could services with the public with the help of the internet. The public cloud services provided by ….