Top Best Expense Tracker App

Every business owner stores his financial records for future motive so that at the end of the year, he can calculate his income, the expense. ….

Top 13 Insurance Companies In USA

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What is business planning?

Planning is the biggest step to start any kind of business because if we have proper business planning, then we can soon achieve business goals ….

What is microbusiness?

Micro means small so microbusiness is also known as small business. This word is mostly used in the UK because there are a lot of ….

What is a business contingency plan

Today’s topic is related to the protection of our business “Business Contingency Plan”. The term “contingency” means any kind of happening or changes in changes. ….

What is lending?

Before moving forward to lending, First of all we will discuss two terms related to today’s topic. Lender: A lender is one who helps people ….

Expanded Accounting Equation

The Expanded accounting equation plays a similar role in varieties of business like a partnership, sole-proprietorship, a public or private corporation. Each business has different ….

Understand the Concept Management Fee

A management fee that is charged by investment managers from the clients. This fee will compensate the investment manager for their services that have been ….

What Is a Performance Bond?

A performance bond provides or gives a guarantee to the project, that the contractor or holder of the contract will complete his work according to ….

Effective Sales Strategies

Effective sales strategies give your business a long jump towards profits. We can develop effective sales strategies through careful evaluation of the strategies and constant ….

Who is an auditor?

An auditor is a person who is appointed for another firm especially for analyzing the financial statements of the firm according to the rules of ….

What Is a Creditor?

Under accounting terms, Creditors are a source of getting a loan in many ways such as in the form of money, credit card, goods or ….