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What is Gamification?

Gamification is a technique by which we can make our task interesting. It is not a game but it is a way in which we ….

What is a Marketing Plan?

Plans are necessary to start a business whether it is marketing plan, financial plans, digital plans, Human Resource plans, business contingency plan, etc. so there ….

Advantages Of Accounting Software

If anyone starts a business whether it is small or big it also follows the accounting process such as a record of transactions related to ….

Accounting software for small business

Every small business owner wants to make an accurate accounting statement with an effective accounting software. There are various types of accounting software from where ….

What is an Owner’s Draw?

Any business owner pays his/her employees for their work but that business owner also needs to pay for his work so today we will discuss ….

What is shopify?

In today’s world, everyone prefers online shopping from such online online social platforms (Amazon, Shopify, etc.) so they don’t have to go out. Many people ….

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the record of accounting books in which bookkeepers record all the transactions made in the business. Firms have to choose an accounting system ….

What is a Business Loan Agreement?

A Business Loan Agreement is an agreement between a lender (lending) and a business. It is a commercial purpose loan because business owners take an ….

What is Thought Leadership?

Today we are going to discuss a major topic “Thought Leadership” which exists in every company or organization and should be. Now it comes to ….

Best Business Movies 2021

If you are starting a business for the first time then you must first know about the methods as a business. To learn those methods, ….

What is Crowdsourcing marketing?

Crowdsourcing marketing is a social platform where people search in different ways to get the solution of their problems.The term describes a broad market which ….